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The Nationwide Search uses a wide range of commercial and public databases along with public records databases to find your individual quickly. Knowing where to look is what sets Findmissing people apart from the rest. We have a 95 percent sucess rate.

The Nationwide Search will help you locate that missing deadbeat dad, debtor, roommate or long-lost love. It will return the last known address and the reported date along with telephone numbers if available, and in some cases other information such as neighbors and roomates.

We will email results within 48 hours.

We cannot legally search for individuals nor provide results to individuals under 18.

There is a $2.00 "no find fee" that is payable if we do not find any records that apparently match the search criteria. We charge this fee, as we are charged by the credit bureaus and database providers whether any information is returned or not.

We provide fast reliable searches of databases that will assist you in locating information about individuals. The information that we provide will be as current and as reliable as the databases that we have access to. We cannot guarantee that the information that we provide will necessarily locate an individual's current address or telephone number, or other information. Unfortunately, sometimes the last available information will not be absolutely current. For example, if we locate a telephone number or an address that corresponds to your search criteria, we are entitled to be paid for our services even if the individual is no longer at that telephone number or address.

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